Our domicile, the Canton of Zug (www.zug.ch) is known in the international professional circles as the most business-friendly, low tax canton in Switzerland (www.centralswitzerland.ch). The proximity to Zürich Airport (www.swissair.ch) and the excellent train connections to all major cities (www.sbb.ch) speak well for Zug as the company domicile. Based on the data from the Central Commercial Register (www.zefix.admin.ch) there are more than 16.000 companies registered in Zug.

As Members of the Swiss Union of Fiduciaries (www.stv-usf.ch), the Swiss Chamber of Fiduciaries (www.treuhand-kammer.ch) and the International Tax Planning Association (www.itpa.org) we are regulated by the supervisory bodies and bound by rules of these professional organisations.

In order to provide our clients with the high quality service in all business areas, we are supported by our advisers; in banking matters by the leading Swiss bank UBS (www.ubs.com), in legal matters by the law office Bär & Karrer (www.baerkarrer.ch) and in communication & corporate design matters by the company Felber Kristofori Pinzon (www.fkp-agency.com).
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